Our Cherokee Nation Representatives

Chief Bill John Baker

Tsa-La-Gi LA is proud to be a supporter of the local Native L.A. community

Cultural Events
Helping to preserve our rich culture right here in the L.A. area

A History of native support

The official Cherokee Nation satellite community of Los Angeles

Tsa-La-Gi  Los Angeles

Counselor Jack Baker

Counselor Wanda Hatfield

CN representative sharing our history through storytelling


Cherokee Nation

Community Association

Chief Smith visits our group for support and guidance

Council member Kimberly Locke and son, David, volunteer at a powwow.


Tsa-La-Gi LA was formed in 2007 as a non-profit organization in LA County.  In June 2011 we were officially chartered under the Cherokee Nation Community Association and serve as an official satellite community organization of the Cherokee Nation.  

Our founder

What We do

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Native Arts and Crafts
Experience our unique native arts and crafts lessons and workshops 

Cherokee Music and Language
Cherokee Nation Rep. Tommy WIldcat helps us ensure our future with Cherokee song and language

Cherokee Nation Support
Frequent visits from the Cherokee Nation to keep in touch


Membership to Tsa-La-Gi LA is open to everyone. Request a membership package through our contact page.  


We are guided by the Cherokee Nation Community Organization, Chief Baker, and our two Cherokee Nation Counselors At-Large; Julia Coates and Jack Baker who provide information and expertise to our growing organization.