Cherokee Nation Connection
Frequent visits from the Cherokee Nation to keep in touch. Our  very own Treasure Helen is receiving a "special recognition" from Chief Hoskin and Tribal Councilmembers. 

Counselor Julia Coates
At-Large Tribal Council

 Chuck Hoskin Jr.

Principal Chief Cherokee Nation

​2019 to present

get involved we would Love to have you!


Membership to Tsa-La-Gi LA is open to everyone. Request a membership package through our contact page.  

The official Cherokee Nation satellite community of Los Angeles

Tsa-La-Gi  Los Angeles

Cherokee Nation language class in Los Angeles 

Native Arts and Crafts
Experience our unique native arts and crafts lessons and workshops 

Basket making and bead making is a traditional part of Cherokee Culture.

Moccisian Making class with Pam Bakke of Cherokee Nation

Cherokee Music and Language
Cherokee Nation Rep. Tommy WIldcat helps us ensure our future with Cherokee song and language

Our founder

Cherokee Nation

Community Association

Counselor Johnny Kidwell

At-Large Tribal Council

Family friendly
The young people joining our drumming circle. Cherokee family

is very important


We are guided by the Cherokee Nation Community Organization, Chief Hoskin, and our two Cherokee Nation Counselors At-Large; Julia Coates and Mary Baker Shaw who provide information and expertise to our growing organization.

A fun afternoon of stickball lead by Abraham Bearpaw and Cole Hogner. Womens team won!!

Staying connected to our roots.       Join the Fun!

Drumming Circle and education on the Cherokee Stomp Dance

by Abraham Bearpaw

Mothers Day Celebration.

In May we celebrate Cherokee Mothers and Women!

Stay connected to Our Cherokee Nation Representatives

Cherokee storyteller Robert Lewis 

always keeps us entertained when

he shares our history through the 

traditional art of storytelling 


Tsa-La-Gi LA was formed in 2007 as a non-profit organization in LA County.  In June 2011 we were officially chartered under the Cherokee Nation Community Association and serve as an official satellite community organization of the Cherokee Nation.