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 History                ka-no-he-s-gi

Who wants to do some beadwork for FREE? Join us 3/11/23

  • Promote and nurture the historical values of Cherokee Nation citizens living outside the Cherokee Nation boundaries.
  • To learn and retain the Cherokee language, history, and culture for future generations.
  • To be knowledgeable and assist the tribal nation in the issues facing modern Cherokee Citizens.  
  • To disseminate information on issues and act as a liaison for the Cherokee Nation.

Tsa-La-Gi LA supports local initiatives in Los Angeles County that promote awareness and support to the native community. If you would like to find out more about what's going on in the native urban community of Los Angeles, please read our online periodical below. 

The official Cherokee Nation satellite community of Los Angeles

Tsa-La-Gi  Los Angeles

All Cherokee Nation satellite communities are family, so please feel free to join our festivities, meetings, and events any time.

Meetings typically occur every other Saturday on odd numbered months. 

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Laurie Docktor


Meet Our Local

Tsa-La-Gi Council

Cherokee Marbles demonstration with

Jesse Grayson ​

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  Local community

This is an election year for Cherokee Nation

Don't forget to get your absentee ballot.

At-Large citizens vote by absentee ballot.

The absentee ballot deadline is April 10th

You can download request for absentee ballot at:


for more info call (800) 353-2895

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On 10/14/22 members of the Tsa-La-Gi LA Council & Inland Empire Council met with Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr & Deputy Principal Chief Bryan Warner to discuss how Cherokee Nation can serve it's At- Large Citizens.

Did you know there are there are 26K Cherokee citizens in California?

Todd Banks

Membership Cordinator.

Our Mission



We meet on the second Saturday of the month

11:00 am to 1:00pm during the following months:



May (Mother's Day celebration)






Osiyo, Welcome

Working with the native urban community of Los Angeles to ensure a brighter future for Native Americans

Connect with us on Facebook - link is on bottom of the page.

Cynthia M Ruiz

Media & Meeting Coordinator